Silver Reflective Mylar Sheeting (60mu)

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Silver Reflective Mylar Sheeting (60mu)

Silver Reflective Mylar Sheeting is a fantastic investment for indoor grow rooms, being incredibly durable and effective.

It can be difficult to get accurate levels of light when growing plants indoors, and light is curcial for healthy plant growth. Therefore, growers want to ultilise as much usable light as possible from their grow lights. The best and most effective way of doing this is by using reflective sheeting, which helps to redirect stray light towrds your plants. This is very useful when growing inside a small grow room. This Silver Reflective Mylar Sheeting increases the light intensity by increasing the optimum amount of available light in any grow room by up to 95%, and helps save plenty of money. The sheeting is also flame resistant and features a white plastic backing for additional strength and to keep the sheeting crease free.

  • Easily attachable to walls and is incredibly durable
  • Reflective silver sheeting which increases light by up to 95%
  • Available in a variety of readily rolled sizes – 1.2 metres wide
  • 60mu thickness

How to Use

Line out the space where the sheeting will go and make sure there is an overlap between each sheet. The sheet is attachable to absolutely any structure using aluminium tape. It is crucial to ensure that there are no gaps in order to prevent any leakages.


Width: 1.2m

Length: 5-100m

Thickness: 60mu



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