Are you located in the UK?

Yes, we’re based in Grimsby.

What are your stock levels like?

We operate from our new 50,000 sq ft. Warehouse. We’re constantly replenishing our stock so when something does sell out it’s usually already on route directly from the factory.

Your prices are too cheap!

That’s right, we purchase in bulk and pass the saving on to you, our wholesale prices are the lowest in the UK.

Can I sell the products on my website?

Yes, we actively encourage and will assist you in listing our product range on your website.

How Long is the warranty?

The majority of our products come with a one year warranty. There are several products that do not fall under this category (Growing medium, soil etc.)

Can my shop have exclusivity?

That all depends on your local area. Get in touch now and we’ll be able to consider your application.

What’s your delivery lead time?

If you order before 2pm you will receive your delivery the next day. (Excluding weekends and bank holidays) Please see the delivery tab.

I’m looking to open a new shop, can I have access to your product catalogue?

Yes, usually this isn’t a problem provided no shops in the area you are in have applied for exclusivity. We offer excellent new shop packages and can really help you get off the ground.