Black And White Sheeting (85mu/125mu)

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Black and White Sheeting

Black and White Sheeting is a reflective sheeting that can be a huge benefit to a grow room. A lot of light can be wasted by being absorbed into walls and not being reflected into the grow room. If there is the correct reflective, the amount of light coming from lamps can be maximised.

Black and White Sheeting is fast becoming the best way to provide an optimal lightning enivronment for grow rooms. It can be a huge benefit to growers who produce indoor crops via grow light systems. It works by the white side of the sheeting bounces light back into the centre of the grow room, rather than being absorbed into the walls, and the black side stops light escaping the growing area.

  • White side increases the efficiency of grow lights.
  • Black side stops light escaping grow room.
  • Improves yield size and weight.

Lengths available:

20m x 8m – 125mu
25m x 8m – 125mu
100m x 2m – 125mu
150m x 2m – 85mu
100m x 2m – 85mu
50m x 2m – 85mu
25m x 2m – 85mu
20m x 2m – 85mu
15m x 2m – 85mu
10m x 2m – 85mu
5m x 2m – 85mu
1m x 2m – 85mu

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