Foylon Reflective Thermal Sheeting (60m x 1.22m)

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Foylon Reflective Thermal Sheeting (60m x 1.22m)

Foylon is a foil-laminated, reinforced, energy-reflective thermal sheeting made of aluminium. It delivers maximal heat and light reflectivity while maintaining flexibility and durability in demanding applications. Foylon won’t crack, fade or tear after many years of use. It is easily cleaned, positioned and maintained without damage to the fabric. This sheeting outperforms and outlasts other reflective materials including Mylar, aluminium foil and synthetic polymer films.

  • High insulation value
  • 100% moisture proof
  • 100% light-tight (total black)
  • 97% reflection for heat
  • 88% reflection for light
  • Braided with 5 layers
  • Roll width: 122cm
  • Roll length: 60m
  • Roll diameter: 121cm
  • Thickness: Approx. 0.15mm
  • Material: Double sided aluminium
  • Temperature resistance: Approx. -60° C ~ +100° C

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