Pro-Leaf Burners – CO2 Generators

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Pro-Leaf Burners – CO2 Generators

The Pro-Leaf Burners are CO2 Generators, designed to produce large volumes of CO2. They achieve this by converting liquid Propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) into supplemental carbon dioxide for accelerated plant growth.

The burner is controlled using the Pro-Leaf controllers (sold separately). These generators can be setup for use on the floor with the included metal feet or, alternatively, suspended from the ceiling using the included hanging hardware kit.

The perfect solution for creating a CO2 rich environment

A full range of safety features ensure reliable operation-electronic ignition replaces an open pilot flame, solenoid valve to restrict gas if the burners do not ignite, and a tip-over switch which cuts power if the unit is not upright. The integrated LEDs indicate operational status. Each model comes complete with a gas regulator, 3.66m hose, power adapter and hanging hardware.

Why Add CO2?

  • Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis (sugar production). If CO2 is restricted, so is sugar production.
  • Plants can handle 1000 – 1200PPM of CO2. There’s only around 400 – 450PPM in the air. That’s less than 1/2 the amount they can use!
  • Adding CO2 is one of the easiest ways to ramp up sugar production and increases yields by up to 20%
  • In summer, extra CO2 and also helps plants with heat stress by photosynthesising more


  • No Pilot Flame – the intelligent electronic ignition system removes the need for one
  • Suspend It Or Stand It – suspend the unit using rope ratchets or stand it up on the metal leg attachments
  • Solenoid Valve Attachment – allows you to turn the CO2 supply off & on
  • Tip-Over Safety Switch – cuts power if the unit isn’t upright
  • Minimal Carbon Deposits – reduces carbon build-ups – the brass burners have chrome lined tips
  • Even CO2 Dispersion – CO2 is pushed out of both sides of the unit thanks to the unique ‘V’ shaped internal design


  • (GEN-LP-4) 4 Burners: features four burners, with included burner plugs allowing CO2 output modification.
  • (GEN-LP-8) 8 Burners: features eight brass burners with included burner plugs allowing CO2 output modifications.
  • (GEN-LP-10) 10 Burners:  features 10 burners with included burner plugs allowing CO2 output modifications. The 10-burner model offers enhanced functionality with convenient selector switches operating two, five, seven, or all 10 burners at a time.

Kit Contains:

  • Gas regulator
  • 3.66m hose
  • Hanging kit
  • Floor stand feet
  • 24V power adapter

Extra Items Needed:

  • Propane Cannister (red / orange) – available in most petrol stations or garages
  • CO2 Controller with co2 sensor / analyser
  • Recommended: Hose clamp / gas hose clips, pipe cutters, leak detection fluid