Padded Ducting Fast Clamps

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Padded Ducting Fast Clamps

Fast Clamps are perfect for connecting fans, carbon filters, silencers and solid ducting securely and tightly. The metal band has a padding of foam lining to reduce fan vibration and ensure a firm fit. Fast Clamps are strong and durable, as well as quick and easy to use. They improve efficiency with staying air-tight with their foam lining.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Joins two solid items together, including fans, filters and silencers
  • Forms a strong and air-tight join
  • Eliminates the need for multiple flex-ducting and duct clips
  • Comes in 4″-12″ sizes

Available in these sizes:

  • 100mm/4″
  • 125mm/5″
  • 150mm/6″
  • 200mm/8″
  • 250mm/10″
  • 315mm/12″

How to Use

Padding Ducting Fast Clmaps are tightened using a 6mm allen key (hex), unwinding the tightening bolt on the side of the Fast Clamp by turning it anticlockwise. You only need to open the clamp to side over the end of your filters and fans. Once fully over, they can be all connected up by turning the bolt clockwise with the 6mm allen key.

Note: Take extreme care and do not over tighten the clamp as this can result in breakages.

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