PA 5″ Ring Diffuser

PA Ring Diffusers work with an air pump to provide maximum aeration in hydroponics systems, with less of a load than air stones. It is the perfect alternative to air stones for increasing the oxygen levels of nutrient solutions to improve plant growth in deep water culture systems.

It works by creating bubbles which add oxygen into the water of aquariums and hydroponic growing systems.  The larger the surface area of the ring diffuser, the greater the number of bubbles, therefore providing fish and plants greater levels of oxygen in aquariums. They can also be bent and twisted to fit unique shapes. When the bubbles aerate the water, they help to circulate nutrients in hydroponic systems to boost the growth of plants. Smaller bubbles can be created, as the material is similar to rubber, giving growers more control.

  • For use in any aeroponic or hydroponic system
  • Popular in deep water culture systems and general hydroponic reservoir systems
  • Made from flexible air tubes that provide a more even distribution of bubbles throughout the hydroponic reservoir
  • Increases oxygen levels in hydroponic systems
  • More control for the grower with smaller bubbles
  • Bendy and twist-able to fit unique shapes
  • Puts less strain on air pumps and helps them to last longer

How to Use

Connect it to your air pump tubing and mount on the inside of your nutrient tank or reservoir. They will fit standard air tubing, and you will then notice this adequately bubbling away and increasing the oxygen level of your nutrient solution.

Available Sizes: 3″, 4″, and 5″

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