OptiClimate Air Distribution Tube 315mm (High Flow)

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OptiClimate Air Distribution Tube

This special OptiClimate air distribution hose is made of  high-grade anti-static LDPE film, with a thickness of 180 Mu.

  • The LDPE Air distribution hose does not clog and has outlets in a range of 120 degrees, which means that you can focus your airflow and thus can create an ideal situation.
  • Our LDPE hose Air distribution is calculated on the air outlet so you get no counter-pressure, which ensures that your fans can reach its maximum capacity.
  • This is in contrast to a conventional Airsock wherein your fan is significantly reduced in capacity.

For proper operation indicated air volume per meter in the table below:

Diameterm3 p / m p / hMax. using 
length at once
125mm+/- 80m3 p / mtr5 meters
160mm+/- 120m3 p / mtr6.5 Meter
200mm+/- 160m3 p / mtr8 Meter
254mm+/- 200m3 p / mtr10 Meter
315mm+/- 240m3 p / mtrMeter 13



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