Cyclone Twin Speed Fan

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Cyclone Twin Speed Fan

Twin speed duct fan at a great price!
Having a fan that is adjustable in its flow rate is a useful addition when outside temperatures become an indoor problem. Variable speed fan you can increase or decrease the amount of air flow at the flick of a switch.
• Two speed control
• 4 meters of cable which is wired to a U.K plug
• High amp fuse fitted to protect against an overload or short circuit
• Heavy duty plastic moulded body
• Reducers can be fitted
1x Twin Speed duct fan with 4-meter power lead, 1 x 160mm to 150mm plastic reducer
Power consumption
How the Twin Speed duct fan works:
Air needs to be replenished at a good rate to keep plants happy, by having a fan that not only pulls a lot of air but can be switched to increase airflow or decrease quickly is very useful indeed. This high-quality fan can be switched to keep a perfect environment whether its hot outside or freezing cold, you can simply switch between the two pre-set airflow settings without the need to remove the duct fan.
How to use the duct fan:
This fan can be used for either air intake or out take purposes in your growing area. Simply attach it to either you’re in take or out take ducting and set the flow speed by clicking the switch fitted to the bottom of the fan. Depending on what temperature you want to achieve switch between the two speed settings to find a balance between air flow and temperature that your happy with.
Do not under any circumstances put your fingers into the spinning blades of a fan, especially an in-line type. Even a small fan has enough power to cause severe injury and loss of fingers. Just don’t do it, no matter how tempted you are. Keep ducting runs as short as possible as every metre of ducting reduces the flow-rate that the fan can achieve. The more ducting attached, the lower the air-flow. Bear in mind that a carbon filter will reduce the air-flow that your fan can achieve by about 25% just on its own. When turning a corner with ducting try to create a swept bend rather than a sharp knee as this will reduce air-flow by the least amount and also help to keep wind-noise down. To further keep wind-noise down to a minimum, stretch flexi-ducting out as much as possible or use acoustic ducting.

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