Carbon Dioxide Co2 Tablets (100pcs)

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100pcs Carbon Dioxide Co2 Tablets

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Tablets can be used for quick and rich bloom of plants. A shortage of CO2 can cause growth stagnation, and dramatically increases in badly aired spaces. It also has added 1.2% magnesium sulphate so it can work as effectively as possible, as high speed of growth can cause a shortage of this compound.

  • Simple and cheap
  • Replaces complicated and expensive fertilizing systems
  • For both hydroponic and soil-based systems
  • Environmentally friendly and poses no harms to plants, pets, birds, isects, or microorganisms
  • Offers CO2 directly to the roots
  • 1.2% added magnesium sulphate
  • Increases speed of growth and reduces growth stagnation
  • Use in combination with Bacterial for ideal results

Note: Only healthy plants will be able to effectively use this extra input.

Adding CO2 short before the dark period will not give any results! Plants don’t absorb any CO2 during this period. The tabs bond the CO2 about 4 to 6 hours to the offered water.

How to Use

When the plants (or cuttings) are healthy, 1 tablet per 100 litres of water can be used. In the hydro systems, add the tablet to the barrel. Apply the mimimum twice weekly for optimal results, and preferably during the whole growing cycle of the plants. Overdosing the plant is neither harmful or useful.

It is advised to regularly measure the pH of water and soil as adding CO2 tabs to drinking water can temporarily lower the pH. High or low extremes intefere with the plants ability to take up nutrients. Use Bacterial to recycle the extra waste that is a result of increased growth, into nutrients.

Instruction sheet is available for download here.


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