Agrogardens Special Mix 45L – Pallet (60)

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Agrogardens Special Mix 45L

AgroGardens mix is mined in one of the biggest and best quality deposit of high peat in Europe. The modern mining technology guarantees special peat properties, essential in horticulture cultivation. Thanks to a big water capacity peat absorbs water very well, simultaneously keeping resilient structure.

  • Peat absorbs water very well.
  • Mix specifically developed for indoor, grow-room situations.
  • With neutralizing minerals and fertilizer PGM N: N(2)O(2): K(2)O – 14:16:18 in 1-1.3 kg/m3.
  • N, P, K, Mg and microelements In amounts that suit plants feeding needs for almost a complete crop cycle.
  • Extra added perlite as additive highly increase the porous.
  • Suitable for preparing basement soil for greenhouses, glasshouses, for seeding production, suitable for cropping decorated flowers, trees and bushes, suitable to install lawns.
  • Recommend pH5.5-6.5.