BioBizz All Mix (65 Bag Pallet)

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Biobizz All-Mix Soil 50L (65 Bags on a Pallet)

BioBizz All-Mix is a perfectly balanced, easy to use, heavily pre-fertilized substrate, that does everything for the grower to create the optimum environment for plants to flourish throughout the year.

    • Heavily pre-fertilized substrate emulating rich outdoor soil with a full micro active ecosystem
    • Enough nutrient-fuelled power to sustain lush growth for a couple of weeks without any added fertilizer
    • Only contains natural organic elements
    • Has a high electrical conductivity (EC) value
  • Self-regulating system to help maintain pH values at the correct level

How to Use

When using BioBizz All-Mix Soil for the first time, moisten with water and leave to stand for 36 hours. This gives the Pre·Mix active fertilizer and microorganisms inside the substrate a chance to start working their magic before planting.

Keep the soil warm at all times; if it gets too cool, microbial activity will slow down, making it more difficult for plants to grow. Allow the soil to dry out between each watering; as it dries out, fresh air gets it, helping the soil to breathe.

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