Ducting Reducer 12-8

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Ducting Reducer 12-8

Ducting Reducers are a simple, cost effective way to easily connect different size ducting, fans and filters together.  These ducting reducers are designed to fit over steel, plastic and flexible ducting. Ensuring the ducting will not slip off and is connected securely, there is a lip. They are specifically for use within indoor growing systems, featuring professional fans and filters to minimize the need for large extraction holes and bulky equiptment.

  • Made from high-quality steel for durability
  • Helps connect fans and filters together to provide more ventilation to your grow room

It is recommended that when connecting the ducting reducer directly to a fan, filter or wall, that metal resistant tape is used in order to ensure the system is airtight. When using this, be careful not to constrict airflow. The apertures on the fan are a certain size so air can flow freely, when this is reduced too much it ultimately slows down the fan, minimises the air flow and could reduce plant growth.


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