OptiClimate Air Distribution Tube Textile

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OptiClimate Air Distribution Tube Textile

The textile air distribution hoses are made of a breathable material where the air leaks through in very small quantities, as a result, no condensation will occur at the bottom of the hose. These hoses are used in professional applications where condensation drops are not desirable due to dripping or the formation of mold. The hose has pre-perforated holes in a calculated pattern so that the air outlet is parallel from the bottom to the side of the hose. The hose is equipped with hanging loops and is machine washable.

  • Fire class B-S1-D0
  • This is a fairly strict provision: the structure is (almost) not burning, emits little smoke and does not separate loose parts. The B-S1-D0 is therefore mainly applied at risky places.
  • Cleanroom class No.4 (EN ISO 14644-1)
  • This class falls well within the requirements for growing crops for consumption.
  • Temperature -30*c to 110*c



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