Humidifier Mist Makers

Mist Makers are used for controlling room humidity.

Quiet, compact & cool running!

The powerful yet compact Mist Maker Humidifiers produce water vapour via ultrasonic vibration. They are perfect for bringing humidity back into rooms dried out by central heating or lights. This can not only rapidly help growth rates of the plants directly, but also encourage greater nutrient uptake and aid in its transportation. Ideal for younger plants and heated rooms where the air needs more humidity for the plants to thrive.

Free float included

As an added benefit, the Mist Maker 3 & 5 disc comes with floats.

How To Use

Place the mist maker in your propagator or center of your grow room, in a bucket or tank and watch as it effectively vapourizes your plants at any stage of the cycle! Maintain a water level just above the ceramic plates in your mist maker.

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