Hades Pro Flower Booster

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Hades Pro Flower Booster

Hades Pro Flower Booster is a synthetic flower booster made with a unique and carefully designed blend of ingredients. Thanks to its unique formula, Hades Pro Flower Booster prevents stretching and significantly increases the number, weight and size of flowering sites. What makes this nutrient special is its ability to enhance flowering without limiting oil pathways, making for an increase in both natural oils and flowering bud weights.
Significantly increase flowering sites, without limiting oil pathways!
  • For use during the flowering phase
  • Shortens internodal distances
  • Doesn’t limit oil pathways
  • Enhances overall flowering weight
  • Increases size and number of flowering sites and yield
  • Compatible with all nutrients and additives (but not with other synthetic boosters)
  • Can be used by amateurs and professional growers alike
How to Use
It is recommended 1ml – 5ml per litre of water in week two or week three of the flowering phase.
Note: It is not advisable to spray foliar sprays in bloom due to the extra dense flowers that develop. They should not be used at the same time as another synthetic booster. For ornamental plants only.

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