Fox Bug Net (Ducting End Cover)

How do you stop loads of bugs getting into your grow-space through your air intake system? Just fit one of these great little covers onto the end of your intake ducting and worry no more! They’re easy to fit and stop those insects in their tracks, without significantly affecting the airflow. A must-have for the warm-weather months!

  • Fits onto the end of ducting or fans
  • Very cost-effective
  • Velcro fasteners for easy installation
  • Use on your air inlet to stop the bugs getting in!

How the Fox Bug Net Works

The Fox Bug Net is a circular shield that fits straight onto your air intake system. The shield is made up of a layer of fine mesh – fine enough to stop most bugs from being sucked into your grow-space without having a negative effect on air flow rates.

The Bug Net also comes with Velcro fasteners sewn into the edges. Each segment of Velcro has a separate matching piece that comes with a peel-off sticky side. These pieces of Velcro can be stuck around the edges of your ducting or spigot and used to secure the shield in place.

Using the Fox Bug Net

Peel off the Velcro strip, sticking it around the ducting end. Next, secure the Bug Net over the Velcro strip. Remember to clean or replace the Shield occasionally as the steady build-up of bugs over time will begin to reduce the air-flow.

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