Elite 630w DE CMH Fixture (No Bulb)

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Elite 630w DE CMH Fixture (No Bulb)

The Elite 630w DE CMH Fixture (No Bulb) is designed to provide a full spectrum of light at low heat, offering growers fantasic performance. It features an adjustable ballast and built-in reflector.

  • Great light output which will improve plant growth
  • Super reflective reflector
  • For use as both supplementary and stand-alone lighting
  • Can be used with 630w grow light bulbs

Ballast features

  • Safe soft start feature, reducing wear and tear on grow light bulbs, increasing lifespan
  • Built-in ballast ensables production of extremely high PAR levels, improving flower growth and size

How to Use

This fixture is only for use with CMH bulbs. Hang the fixture in the middle of your grow space at an appropriate level for your growing needs. Securely screw in the grow light bulb as tight as possible by using a cloth. This helps to avoid grease building up and reduces the chance of your grow lights failing. Once the bulb in secure, connect the input lead to your reflector to the output lead of the ballast. Ensure it isn’t too tight as this can cause damage to the connection.

Warning: Always make sure the wattage of the ballast matches the wattage of the grow light bulb. Incorrect wattages can increase the risk of malfuctions and fires. When first using the fixture and bulb, make sure to leave it on for at least 15 minutes as this allows the metals within the bulb to fuse correctly.

Product Specifications

  • Wattage: 630w
  • Voltage: 240v

Additional information

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