Elite 315w CDM Digital Light Kit 3000k

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Elite Lighting


Elite 315w CDM Digital Light Kit 3000k

A high-performance, low-cost light kit containing:

  • Elite 315W CDM 3000K Bulb
  • Elite 315W Digital Ballast
  • CDM Euro Reflector

Elite 315W CDM 3000K Bulb

The Elite 315W CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide) 3000k bulb offers full spectrum light, suitable for both veg and flowering stages. This lamp creates a high level of usable plant light (PAR) that increases growth rates and quality.

Elite 315W Digital Ballast

The ideal, lightweight digital ballast to be paired with 315W CDM bulbs. Housed in a well-finished air cooled metal case, this ballast ensures low heat output, and efficient power output.

CDM Euro Reflector

The CDM 315w Euro Reflector is specifically designed for CDM lamps. It has a V-ridge along the top and silver dimpled wings for excellent reflectivity, light dispersion and reduction of hot-spots.

  • Features a CDM socket for housing a 315w CMD lamp
  • Dimpled finish for better reflectivity and equal spread of light

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Elite Lighting

Elite Lighting