CDM 315w Euro Reflector

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CDM 13w Euro Reflector

CDM 13w Euro Reflector is a Euro Reflector specifically designed for CDM lamps, providing the perfect reflectivity for improving plant growth and helping your plants gain weight. It is a great reflector for both beginners and professionals alike, price affordably whilst delivering amazing results.

  • Best priced CDM Grow Light Reflector available on the market
  • Features a CDM sockect for housing a 315w CMD lamp
  • Hammered finish for better reflectivity and equal spread of light
  • Can be extended to spread light further across wider areas

How to Use

Hang your reflector over the centre of your growing environment at an appropriate height. To securely suspend it, you may want to invest in some Light Hangers or Jack Chain. It is important to avoid damaging the bulb to make sure the lamp is clean. Connect a CDM ballast to your reflector cable. It is recommended you run your lamp initially for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Warning: CDM lamps run extremely hot when they are first switched on. Like with all HID lamps, you should avoid touching the lamp as this can cause damage to the complete fixutre.

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