DimLux Xplore Series NIR + UV Add-Ons

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DimLux Xplore Series NIR + UV Add-Ons

Expand your light spectrum with the matching UV-A and Far-red add-ons. They come in 3 different versions UV-A, NIR or UV-A+NIR which can be used within 1 setup.

These specialised lighting add-ons are tailored to enhance plant growth by enriching the light spectrum. The DimLux Xplore Add-On collection includes three distinct models to suit all gardening needs:

  • UV-A Add-On: Perfect for stimulating growth and enhancing plant colour
  • NIR (Near Infrared) Add-On: Designed to improve plant structure and health
  • UV-A + NIR Combined Add-On: Offers the convenience of both spectrums in one, for those who prefer simplicity without sacrificing effectiveness

Each add-on features a unique spectrum, ensuring plants receive the precise light quality they need. For gardeners looking to maximize growth, the UV-A and NIR add-ons can be used together, each with its own timer for tailored light cycles. Alternatively, the UV-A + NIR combined add-on provides a streamlined solution, blending both light spectrums for ease of use.

Whether the aim is to boost photosynthesis, fortify plant health, or extend lighting capabilities, the UV-A and Far-Red add-ons are the ideal choice for an optimised indoor garden.



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