DimLux PRO Series 1000W Lighting Fixture

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DimLux PRO Series 1000W Lighting Fixture

  • Miro 95 The fixture has a Miro 95 (99,99 aluminium) instead of Miro Silver reflector. Silver could deteriorate in high humidity when damaged.
  • SBCS (Single Bounce Clear Sight) reflector design for the highest efficiency and light output.
  • Passive cooled Ultra Optics reflector In order to get the optimum lamp temperature and highest light output.
  • 3 different styles reflectors Available with Hybrid (default), Deep and Wide.
  • Easy changeable reflector The reflector can be changed at high heights very quick and easy.
  • Closed ballast The pro series will have a closed ballast instead of an open ballast. This to prevent moisture getting into the ballast.
  • Geo membrane This to equalize the pressure inside and outside the ballast, this is to prevent moisture getting into the ballast when cooling off.
  • Spirit level The pro series will contain a spirit level because the illuminated surface is much bigger as indoors, leveling the pro serie is more important as indoor to create good uniformity or to prevent shadows.
  • White colour In order to prevent overheating the ballast by light absorption and reflect more usable light to the canopy instead of absorbing it.
  • Vertical ballast The ballast will be mounted vertically to decrease the amount of light which is intercepted by the fixture. We have done all possible simulations in CAD and this design had the least light interception during a full day light cycle.
  • Protective magnetic lamp holder caps These caps prevent touching the lamp holder while the lamp is burning. It is an double electrical and fire safety measure. It also assures the lamp holder is secured when the caps are installed.
  • Dim button The pro series can be remote controlled and controlled by the dim button.
  • Manual Power settings 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1075 and 1150W
  • 4 digits info display Status and alarms will be displayed on this display
  • Smart ballast The ballast is software upgradable and ready for the new digital controller platform (rolled out in 2021)
  • Bulb DIMLUX PRO 1000W HPS 2K 2100µmol/s

Highest reflector and ballast efficiency in the market!



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