Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Controller

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Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Controller

The Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Controller is capable of powering up 2 fans, and silently controls fan speed and drastically cut energy costs. It does this by precisely altering the waves frequency to control the fans, resulting in super smooth fan control, no buzzing, and will make the fan last so much longer with its new efficiency. It is ideal for growers who want full controllability over their growing climate and want to ensure they maintain the best environment possible for the best growing results.

  • Gives growers complete control from 10%-100% fan speed
  • 90 available fan speeds in manual mode
  • Reduces your fan speed to save electricity whilst maintaining grow room temperatures
  • Fully adjustable minimum and maximum fan speed
  • Ensures a smoother output compared to standard fan speed controllers and is far more discrete
  • Silent with no buzzing

How to Use

This controller features 2 outlet sockets which that can be used to control two fans with. These sockets are located on either side of the system which will power a combined outage of 3, 7 or 13 Amps depending on the system you choose.

A lot of growers tend to use the Control Freak in “Automatic Mode”; this mode will automatically control temperatures. To use the system in this mode,  set the temperature required for the grow room. Then the controller will adjust the fans speeds to maintain that temperature. A minimum and maximum fan speed can be set too.

If using in manual mode, choose the fan speed and the Control Freak will maintain that speed, regardless of the temperature.

Product Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 220-240v