Solistek Digital Controller

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Solistek Digital Controller

Solistek Digital Controller is a sleek touch screen lighting controller. It can run up to a total of 300 lights, in separate zones, while maintaining the perfect temperature in each zone.  It has extensive programs for commercial growing, and is recommended to hobby growers looking to automate their lighting with how simple, easy to use, and how effortless it’s setup is.

  • Easy setup and simple to use with 7 inch touchscreen and wall mounting display
  • Two seperate lightning cycles on one device, great for vegetable or flowering rooms
  • Designed to use alongside Solistek A1+ Grow Lights and up to 25 sensors per room
  • Sunset and sunrise settings give your plants a graceful start and gentle end to the day
  • Report logging allows you to review all activity in your garden, monitors all events and records happenings from your grow room including warnings and faults
  • Temperature dimming and shut off setting prevent your grow zone getting too hot
  • Cloud Mode to simulate outdoor cloud covering gives your plants a genuine outdoor experience

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