BioBizz Light Mix Pallet (65 bags)

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BioBizz Light-Mix Soil 50L (65 Bags on a Pallet)

£5.52 + vat per bag

BioBizz Light Mix is a hand-crafted basic substrate that is the ideal foundation to provide control to growers who want to encourage vigorous growth in seedlings, young plants and cuttings right from the start.

  • Ideal for all stages of growth, including rooting, growing and blooming
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor growing
  • Hand-crafted
  • Encourages vital micro activity to rapidly develop root structures
  • Optimal drainage throughout, essential for automatic irrigation systems
  • Organic, natural elements giving a medium EC value and a self-regulating system to maintain pH values
  • Can apply larger nutrient doses on any kind of plant without overloading the soil and nutrient burn

Note: If using automatic watering, ensure that the water properly infiltrates the substrate, or it can become too wet and cause mold.

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