Solis Tek 315w C1 CMH Inc. 1 x 3200k Bulb


One Of The Most Impressive Lighting Systems On The Market

  • Features Ignition Control™, SenseSmart™ and Soft Start Technology
  • Incredible PAR output, replaces 1000w HID Systems
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion and low-frequency ballast to improve overall efficiency
  • Spreads light into every part of your grow room using the mirror finish reflector

The SolisTek C1 315w CMH Complete Fixture is the market leader for high performing CMH Grow Lights. They offer impressive lighting coverage, low heat output and consistently high levels of PAR light output.

What is the SolisTek C1 315w CMH Complete Fixture used for?

The SolisTek C1 315w CMH Complete Fixture utilises the very latest CMH technology to increase the performance of your CMH bulbs. SolisTek is designed for both professional and hobby growers who are looking for a high-quality product. This fixture features a low-frequency ballast whilst also offering Ignition Control, SenseSmart and Soft Start Technology which help to power your fixture safely. Instead of allowing too much power to go through to your lamp. Whereas SenseSmart regulates the power flow over the time both the lamp and ballast are in operation, able to cope with any loss of power or fluctuations.

SolisTek C1 CMH Complete Fixture Specifications

  • 69cm x 43cm x 14cm
  • Power cord length: 2 meters
  • Auxiliary cord length: 7.3 meters
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Wattage: 315w
  • Actual input power: 350w

Additional information

Weight 5 kg