DimLux Expert Series 630w Dual 3k Lamp Full Spectrum (Full Lighting Fixture)

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DimLux Expert Series 630w Dual 3k Lamp Full Spectrum

The DimLux Expert Series 630W Dual Full Spectrum is a complete 630W Dual Spectrum fixture including Alpha 98 reflector and two DimLux 315W CDM 3000 K lamps.

Refletor Alpha Optics 98

The Alpha Optics 98 reflector has been designed according to the SBCS (Single Bounce Clear Sight) principle and is manufactured with Miro Silver mirrors. In this way, the maximum possible efficiency (98%) of all existing horticultural reflectors is achieved.

DimLux Expert series equipment and Xtreme ballasts

  • The maximum output power (brightness) by supercharging (boost) and 400V
  • The maximum attenuation range of all digital ballasts
  • Soft-Start function, Soft-Dim, Soft-Off
  • Manual attenuation in 8 positions, including shutdown
  • Smooth attenuation with the MaxiController
  • More diagnostic leds
  • EOL function (warning when lamps need to be changed)

Complete fixture with 630W Xtreme ballast, 2x315W Full Spectrum CDM DimLux bulbs and Alpha Optics 98 Reflector

  • Available with NanoTubes
  • Dim levels: Soft-Off, 330W, 410W, 490W, 560W, 630W, 690W, 760W
  • Power consumption at 630W= 662W, 2.7A at 230V
  • Power consumption at boost 760W= 799W, 3.5A at 230V
  • System PPF at 760W= 1,411umol/s
  • Illumination surface: at 630W= min 0.84m² (9.04ft²), max 2m² (21.52ft²) – at 760W= min 1m² (10.76ft²), max. 2.4m² (25.83ft²)
  • ø50mm (2”) connection for active extraction
  • Dimensions 675x275x130mm (26.5”x10.8”x5.1”)
  • Weight 6.3kg (13.88lbs)

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