12″ Aromozone Twin Cell Ozone Generator

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12″ Aromozone Twin Cell Ozone Generator

Aromozone Twin Cell Generators remove mould, bacteria and odour and are capable of continuous operations in humidity levels up to 100%. It is a competitor to other Inline Ozone sterilization devices, which can be unreliable and unable to cope with typical humidity levels, and Aromozone produces considerably more ozone. Current consumption, therefore running cost, are also markedly lower than other ‘similar’ devices.

  • Removes mould, bacteria and odour
  • Reliable and capable of continuous operations in up to 100% humidity
  • Produces considerably more ozone than other Inline Ozone sterliziation devices
  • Lower current consumption and running costs
  • Professionally designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Available in 2 sizes

Available in sizes: 10″, and 12″