FRESHHH!!! Air Fresheners

Provide growers with a quick and easy way to get odours under control with FRESHHH!!! air fresheners. These subtle yet powerful air fresheners will deodorise stubborn and pungent odours. The complex organic odour molecules of FRESHH!!! fragrances effectively control odours in a grow room environment. Unlike many air fresheners, they don’t just mask odours, they eliminate them. Using organic odour molecules, Freshhh!!! targets the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that cause unwanted smells. Keep odours under control during flowering whilst keeping the optimum heat & humidity.

  • Subtle yet powerful
  • Controls stubborn & pungent odours
  • Made with complex organic odour molecules to eliminate smells, not mask them
  • Keeps odours under control under optimum heat and humidity
Available In 6 Scents:
Candy Blast – Bubble Gum (750ml)
Cherry Pie – Cherry (500ml)
Caffeine Rush – Coffee (500ml)
Crantastic! – Cranberry (750ml)
Crisp ‘N’ Clean – Fresh Linen (750ml)
Monster Mint – Mint Blast (750ml)

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