Zerum Car 20ml Counter Display

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Zerum Car 20ml Counter Display

The Zerum Car Spray is part of the Zerum range. It is one of the most popular odour neutralising brands in Europe and the number one odour killer in Spain! We are are proud to offer Zerum for the first time in the UK.

Zerum attacks odours at a molecular level, totally elimating the odour instead of masking it like standard air fresheners. Now your car can smell as good as your house or office!

  • Poweful odour neutralising agent, totally eliminating NOT masking
  • Popular brand in Europe, number one odour killer in spain
  • Can be hidden away
  • Contains 7 different scents

Contains the following scents: Zerum Car VIP Victory 20ml, Zerum Car VIP Passion 20ml, Zerum Car VIP Ecstasy 20ml, Zerum Car VIP Adrenaline 20ml, Zerum Car VIP Ambition 20ml, Zerum Car VIP Reaction 20ml, and Zerum Car VIP Eastern 20ml


Zerum offers a lower cost price and a higher RRP. It can’t be found on eBay or Amazon and gives your shop the chance to offer your customers something truly continental.

Zerum offers scents, that aren’t instantly recognised, they’re new and therefore unrecognisable. Bright eye catching, modern packaging and a branded shop display rack make Zerum an easy up-sell that will appeal to ever customer.

If your customers are already using an alternative brand they’ll be happy to know the standardised sizes of Zerums packaging mean aftermarket accessories fit with no problem.

We’re currently offering a Free ‘Zerum Branded’ display stand when you purchase the retail package.

Make greater returns and increase profit margins, purchase Zerum now.


x20 Per Box

RRP £3.50

Convenient card spray with twice the volume of the main competitor.


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