Vitalink Hydro MAX Bloom

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Vitalink Hydro MAX Bloom A&B

  • Professional plant nutrient developed specifically for vigorous growth and optimum yield when growing in hydroponic systems.
  • Highly concentrated 2-part formulation.
  • Optimal NPK ratio for outstanding growth, flowering and fruiting stages.
  • Exceptional iron availability over a wide pH range.

VitaLink Hydro MAX nutrients are highly-concentrated A and B formulations supplied in both Grow and Bloom variants, to supply everything your plants need from transplant to harvest. They have a strong reputation with growers for promoting vigorous, healthy plant growth and achieving maximum yields.

The balanced mixture of macro and micronutrients makes it specially designed for growing in all hydroponic systems. It can be used in recirculating systems (deep water culture, NFT, aeroponics, flood & drain, etc.), as well as in run-to-waste hydroponic systems due to its unique stability. It is suitable for use with all inert media, including clay pebbles, perlite, rock-wool and mapito.

VitaLink Hydro MAX nutrients contain everything your plants need to flourish. Fulvic acid and chelated micro nutrients improve your plants uptake of nutrient solution resulting in better photosynthesis and vigorous growth and flowering. Iron is chelated with EDDHA, making it available over a wide pH range so your plants will never starve for this element -even in periods of high-demand. Iron is necessary to produce chlorophyll – which is essential for photosynthesis.

Instructions for use

  • Always check the water quality in your area and ensure you are using the right variant – either hard water or soft water.
  • In very soft water areas we recommend a half strength VitaLink CalMag supplement (0.5ml/L) during growth stage.
  • Always use equal amounts of A and B to prepare your nutrient solution. If required, adjust the pH level. Recommended pH range 5.8-6.5. Shake well before use.

Hydro MAX Bloom

  • Use at 3-4 ml/L.
  • We recommend that you always maintain at least the minimum recommended dose rate for your plants stage of development.
  • The base feed is the foundation of healthy plant growth.
  • Carefully selected additive use can then maximize this potential – but it can never replace it.
  • Available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.
  • VitaLink’s range of nutrients do not adversely affect the flavour of herbs, vegetables, salad, fruits and other plants grown for consumption.
  • Enhance your plants growth by using VitaLink additives alongside Hydro Max A and B Grow and Bloom nutrients.

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