Vitalink Buddy

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Vitalink Buddy

Buddy is one of the most popular flowering boosters on the market. It promotes very heavy flowering while increasing the quality of the produce, so it represents excellent value-for-money. It’s no wonder that so many growers rely on Vitalink Buddy.

  • Vitalink – one of the titans of the growing industry.
  • A highly cost-effective product that gets the job done.
  • Superb value for money.
  • Rigorously tested, reliable and consistent.
  • Flowering booster for bigger, heavier and better quality harvests.
  • Increases the number of flower sites.
  • Helps to fatten out fruits, adding weight.
  • Used between 0.5ml and 1.0ml per litre.
  • Used from the third of week of flowering, finishing before the flush.

How It Works

During flowering, plants need extra phosphorous and potassium (PK). Vitalink Buddy is a supplement containing a good source of PK, ensuring that your plants do not run short of these quickly used nutrients when they need it most. Vitalink Buddy is an easy-to-use flowering booster that can be used early on, from the third week of flower. Vitalink Buddy also contains other ingredients such as extra magnesium to ensure healthy and heavy flowering.

How To Use

Use Vitalink Buddy from the beginning of week 3 of your flowering cycle finishing just before the final flush. Use buddy alongside your base nutrients at a rate of between 0.5ml and 1.0ml per litre of nutrient solution. Mix well.

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