Future Harvest Nutrients – Ton O Bud

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Future Harvest Nutrients – Ton O Bud

Ton O Bud is one of the best-selling additives in Future Harvest’s extensive additive range, globally recognized for its proven reputation as one of the most powerful plant enhancing additives on the market.

Maximizing mid-flowering potential!

Designed to pack bulk onto flowers and fruits during the middle stages of the flowering cycle, Ton O Bud offers concentrated P-K (phosphorus and potassium) addition, leading to higher end yields, drastically increased flower set, tighter and more compact flower density, all without compromising quality and flavour.

Key Features:

  • Rapid and visible results, enhancing plant growth and bloom
  • Works for all grow media and methods, ensuring versatility
  • Recognized worldwide for its effectiveness
  • Maintains EC levels, enabling use with full-strength fertilizers

How To Use:

  • Mix: Use 0.5g per 1 Litre (Quart) or 5g per 10 Litres (2.5 gallon), or ½ Tsp per gallon of nutrient solution.
  • Frequency: Apply every feeding during weeks 4 and 5 of flowering.

For use during weeks 4 and 5 of flowering. For use in soil, coco&  hydroponics.


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