Terra Aquatica GHE Calcium Magnesium Supplement

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Terra Aquatica GHE Calcium Magnesium Supplement

Terra Aquatica GHE Calcium Magnesium Supplement is a highly bioavailable concentrated Calcium/Magnesium blend. Having the proper amounts of calcium and magnesium available optimizes nutrition to make for fast growing, healthy, strong plants. This supplement can also be used for coco coir growth where Organic nutrients are used, for swelling coco bales to help counter Calcium sequestration.

  • Clean, soluble and non-clogging.
  • Can be used alongside most nutrient regimes.
  • Prevents secondary nutrient deficiencies, blossom end rot and root tip-burn.
  • Supports growth and fruiting.
  • Can be used with non -GHE nutrients, in hydroponics and outdoor gardening.
  • Can be used when growing in coco-coir as needed with General Organics Thrive.
  • Warning: Do not use with GHE soft water formulations, DualPart Coco, or NovaMax as they already contain enough calcium for even R.O. water systems.