Telos-6 Pro Full Spectrum LED With Mesh Wireless Control Unit

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Telos-0006 180-Watt LED Grow Light Unit & 180w Mesh Driver

A high-profile LED grow light that boasts an enhanced full spectrum, the Telos uses a clever combination of LED technology and single stage holographic optics to deliver a pure natural light that provides all the photosynthesis plants need for a successful harvest. With Cree thirty-Watt, white and photo-red LED modules it provides an impressive 336.78μmol/s. A remarkable light output that reaches deep into the canopy, peaking performance and generating dense growth with abundant and fruitful budding. Professionally constructed these LED grow lighting Systems are manufactured to an exacting standard with only premium electrical components used to ensure continued maximum performance and reliability throughout the unit’s predicted 10-year lifespan.

  • Fan-less, passive convection cooling with significantly reduced noise.
  • White & Photo Red CREE 30w LED Modules for optimised plant development.
  • IP66 rated – moisture & dust protected.
  • Includes single stage holographic optics with 93% transmission efficiency.
  • Has an 85,000-hour life span (around 10 years growing).
  • 5-Year manufacturers warranty
  • Weight: 6kg.
  • Power: 180 watts.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

180w Mesh Driver

Telos mesh is a secure, precise and wireless control solution that will revolutionise the way that growers control their Telos LED’s. Telos don’t release a new product every week. Instead, they think about what the future of horticulture is going to look like and try to develop unique solutions and technologies that are going to make the biggest impact. This new innovation is the result of two years of hard work by their R&D team, and it’s exciting to see what they have achieved.

Telos Mesh drivers are the world’s first Bluetooth-integrated waterproof drivers for horticulture and when paired with the Telos Mesh software provide revolutionary new functionality for growers.

Traditional linking controllers have used ‘telephone wire’ cables to daisy chain a limited number of units together. Using a completely wireless system such as Telos Mesh you can reduce the set-up time and amount of clutter within the grow area.

Conventional 0-10v dimming usually is a fairly limited technology that adjusts output in incremental steps by turning a knob on the driver or ballast. Changing the setting adjusts the brightness of the light by a consequence of changing the wattage of the power supply.
With Precise PPF™ you can specify the exact PPF output of your Telos LED using the app without being limited to increments. The system takes into account the changes in LED efficiency at the required wattage and the lifetime degradation of the LED performance to calculate the exact power output needed to achieve the requested PPF level. Compared with a 0-10v dimming system this provides a much more accurate and repeatable solution for growers

The app also displays the active power consumption and efficiency at different output settings.

The app allows you to easily group lights together and you can have multiple groups within the same mesh network. Schedules can be created to turn the lights off and on throughout the day and separate schedules can then be applied to different groups of lights within the same network. You can also apply a PPF setting to each group of lights. These combined functions are really useful for advanced growers who will be able to control multiple tents with plants at different stages of the lifecycle using the same smart device.

The app has an integrated sunrise and sunset mode which helps the plants to wake up and acclimatise slowly when the light period starts. When it’s time for the lights to switch off again the simulated sunset helps to smooth out the temperature change within the grow area, making it easier to maintain the correct environment for your plants.



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