SunMaster Dual Spectrum Bulb HPS 1000W

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Sunmaster 1000w Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb

The Sunmaster 1000w Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp produce a very powerful orange light, with extra blue, much like natural sun light that is capable of stimulating plant growth in both veg and flower. Plants grown under this light produce large leaves, short internodes and strong branching, for better structure in veg. Once in flower, this better structure helps massively for prolific and heavy flower sets.

  • Sunmaster – producers of very high PAR output lamps.
  • Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp produces light that’s great for vegetative growth and flower.
  • Colour temperature of 4000 to 7500 degrees Kelvin – contains the full range of plant useable wavelengths.
  • Helps keep internodes short in veg, ready to excel in flower.
  • Encourages more branching, maximum leaf growth and better overall plant structure.
  • Photonic enhanced spectral stable when ran at lower or over driven wattages.
  • Delivers 10% more light than standard HPS lamps.

How the Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp works

The Sunmster / Osram Powerstar 1000 watt Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp produces large amounts of red and orange light, but has some blue in its spectrum, which makes the light look slightly whiter. With a much greater amount of blue light the Sunmster / Osram Powerstar 1000 watt Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp is capable of being used in the  vegetative stage along with the flowering stage too, as it stimulates fast growth, shorter internodes, larger leaves and more branching. This means that your plants will have a better structure, poised for an abundant flowering/fruiting stage.

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