Sunmaster Dual Spectrum DS Grow+ Photonic 600W Lamp Single

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The Perfect Red & Blue Spectrum Light Source Throughout All Stages of Growing

  • Output of over 90,000 lumens
  • Impressive photosynthetic active radiation range
  • Suitable for veg and flower stages

The Sunmaster 600w dual spectrum HPS grow lamp outputs the ideal red and blue spectrum light source for perfect plant growth and development.


What is the Sunmaster 600w dual spectrum light used for?

This bulb light eliminates the need to buy separate metal halide and HPS bulbs for impressive plant growth during the vegetative and flowering stages. Dual spectrum lights are quickly becoming a highly demanded product for growers. These bulbs are fantastic for extending the growth potential throughout your plant’s lifecycle.

Furthermore, they provide an output of over 90,000 lumens which is fantastic for photosynthesis. Similarly, they adopt an impressive photosynthetic active radiation range. They are suitable for both vegetation and flowering stages of plant growth. Plants require different types of light radiation during crucial stages in their development. This HPS lamp delivers the perfect quantities of both blue and red spectrum light. Likewise, they optimise the quality of light reducing the effect of infrared across the red spectrum, thus reducing transferred heat.