Plant Support Wire Cages 48″ (Pack of 10)

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Plant Support Wire Cages 48″ (Pack of 10)

These sturdy Plant Support Wire Cages are great for supporting top-heavy climbing vegetables, plants and vines, as well as bushy flowers. They are constructed out of galvanised steel and will last for many seasons. Each cage has 4 rings and 4 supporting legs and comes in 48″ length. These cages give easy access for harvesting and are easily stackable when it comes to storage.

  • Supports climbing plants, vegetables, vines & flowers
  • 4 rings with varying diameters of 8″/10″/12″/14″
  • 4 legs
  • Green galvanized steel
  • Can be installed around mature plants
  • Easy access for harvesting
  • Stackable for seasonal storage

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