Grow Bitz Seed Starter Heat Mat 48″ x 20.75″

Grow Bitz


Grow Bitz Seed Starter Heat Mat 48″ x 20.75″

Grow Bitz Seed Starter Heat Mats increase germination success and grow bigger and healthier seedlings. The heat mat warms the root area by up to 20° F above the ambient air temperature to improve the success rate of seedlings and cuttings.

  • Warms root area 10 – 20 Degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature
  • Speeds germination and encourages strong root growth
  • Fits under any standard size seed tray
  • High quality and water resistant
  • Can be used with thermostat for temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for seedlings, fruits, flowers & vegetables

How To Use

Place heat mat on solid, well-drained surface and plug it in to a power outlet. Set plant trays, pots or containers on the heat mat. For warmer root zone temperatures, place heat mat on an insulated surface. Avoid positioning on a cold floor or surface as this could counteract the heating ability of the mat. For best results, cover seedlings / cuttings with a humidity dome.

Additional information

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