Screened Wall Vents

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Screened Wall Vents

Screened Wall Vents are a quick and easy solution of increasing the amount of fresh air within a grow room, and exhausitng stale air. It is great especially for use within professional indoor grow rooms utilising exhausted ducting and fans. It is for use on the outside of a building to protect the opening of the exhaust ducting, reduce the amount of debris that builds up, and prevents any unwanted insects or rodents from entering the grow room.

It is made with better durability in mind and easy connection, comprised of entirely galvanised steel with an extra wide collar that extends into the interior or the grow room.

  • Exhausts stale air and brings in fresh air
  • Made of galvanised sheet metal
  • Install on the outside of the building to protect the opening of your exhaust duct
  • Protects the opening of the exhaust ducting, reduces debris, and prevents unwanted insects and rodents
  • Avaiable in different air vent sizes

Available in 7 different air vent sizes: 4″ / 100mm, 6″ / 150mm, 8″ / 200m, 10″ / 250mm, 12″ / 315mm, 14″ / 356mm, and 16″ / 406mm

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Air Vent Size

4" / 100mm, 6" / 150mm, 8" / 200mm, 10" / 250mm, 12" / 315mm, 14" / 356mm, 16" / 406mm