Rox Flower Enhancer (1L)

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Rox Flower Enhancer (1L)

Rox is an extremely powerful flowering stimulator, formulated to trigger growth and weight gain during the bloom cycle which substantially increasing yields and overall strength and vigor. It is designed to make sure you get the absolute best flowering from all plants throughout the flowering cycle.

  • Extremely potent flowering booster
  • Stimulates huge weight gain for fruiting plants
  • Easy to use – perfect for beginners and experts alike
  • Contains plant growth regulators (PGRs) for increased vitality
  • Vastly improves your harvest
  • 1 bottle goes a long way!

How It Works

Rox works by intensifying the flowering rate of plants with its unique blend of plant growth regulators and humates. In addition, these plant growth regulators are crucial for plant development due to their ability to manipulate and alter the time in which normal plant hormones grow. This therefore provides the most beneficial environment during the most crucial stages of plant growth.

How To Use

Simply add 3-5ml per litre to a plant’s regular feed regimen

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