Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

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Rhino Professional Carbon Filters

The Rhino Pro Carbon Filters are among the best carbon filters on the market, they help to eliminate and control unwanted odours in your grow room.

  • Variety of sizes available to suit any size of grow room.
  • Housing made from high quality and lightweight aluminium.
  • Quickly removes nasty organic odour from your grow areas.
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What are they used for?

The Rhino Pro Filters are special indoor grow room filters, they help to easily and efficiently clean the air in your grow room. The use of activated carbon traps unwanted smells and deodorises the air that passes through the filter. The air is drawn into the filter through a separate extraction fan matched to the duct and filter size. Similarly, this helps to lower pressure, increasing and stabilising airflow within your grow room.

Where should you use them?

The Rhino Pro Filters are specifically for use in indoor grow rooms. To use this fan you will need to match it to your fan and most importantly to the diameter of your venting. If diameters are different you will struggle to connect the fan to the filter and fan. In addition, you will need to mount the fan inside and as close to your grow room as possible. After that, you’ll need to connect it up to your fan using ducting clips and ensure everything is airtight.

Rhino Filters attached to the intake side of your extractor fan which then filters the air outside. However, It is important that you do not attach the filter to the outlet side of your fan because this causes internal damage to the filter.

Who Might Use Them?

The Rhino Pro Filters are for use by growers using a professional indoor hydroponic grow systems. They should last between 2-3 years. Although, do take note that it is possible for moisture to degrade the performance of your system. Therefore you may want to measure the humidity and temperature of your environment using a thermo-hygrometer.


Filter SizeAir VolumeFan Type
100 x 300350 m3/hr4″ A1/L1 fan
125 x 300500 m3/hr5″ Al/L1 fan
150 x 300600m3/hr6″ A1 fan
150 x 600900m3/hr6″ L1 fan
200 x 400800m3/hr8″ A1 fan
200 x 6001125m3/hr8″ L1 fan
250 x 6001420m3/hr10″ A1/L1 fan
250 x 10001900m3/hr10″ A1/L1 fan
315 x 6002440m3/hr12″ A1 / L1 fan
315 x 10003250m3/hr12″ L1 fan

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