Psycho Myco

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Psycho Myco

Psycho Myco increases the natural vigor and health of the plant. It improves transplanting survival rates and accelerates growth rates of nursery stock and transplanted plants. On top of this, Psycho Myco also increases plant growth in poor soils and reduces need for fertiliser, fungicide and water. It helps to extend the root system and it’s ability to make nutrients and water for the plant.

Psycho Myco is used by professionals in horticulture, agriculture and hydroponics, as well by home growers. The consistent results and benefits experienced by users makes Psycho Myco the number one mycorrhizal and microbial product choice.

Crazy Roots, Crazy Fruits
  • Boosts plant’s natural vigor and health
  • Improves transplant survival rates
  • Accelerates growth of nursery stock
  • Encourages growth even in poor soils
  • Increases root mass up to 30%
  • Produces better crop quality and yield
  • Reduces need for fertiliser, fungicide & water
  • Consistent results
Give plants the mycorrhizal advantage!

Contains: 9 Endo & 9 Ecto mycorrhizae, 13 Beneficial Bacteria and 5 Trichoderma fungi, minerals, trace elements and humates.

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