Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8

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  • Improves flower and fruit production
  • Completely organic
  • Creates sweeter tasting crops
  • Better coloured flowers
  • Can be used with Plant Magic Oldtimer Magnesium


What is the purpose of the Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8?

Purposely made to stimulate plant growth and final yield size, Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 is perfect for giving your plants all the energy they need to produce large, vibrant flowers and fruits. Made from a concentrated blend of organic ingredients, Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 is perfect for gardeners who want all the nutrients their plants need in one simple to use bottle.

In addition to improving a plant’s growth and final yield size, Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 also significantly improves a plant’s fruit taste and flower colour. This allows gardeners to produce healthy plants and larger, tastier crops.


Who Can Use Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8?

Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 can be used by gardeners who want to grow their plants organically. This is because Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 it specially made out of 100% organic ingredients. Such types of gardeners could include traditional gardeners who want to give their final yield a boost. However, it could also be a professional hydroponic gardener who wants to significant improve their commercial crops size, taste, and colour.


Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 Dosage, Specifications & Guidance

  • Dosage: Mix 1 -2ml of nutrient solution to one litre of water
  • For use on plants, through their mid-late flowering period
  • When using, always wear suitable PPE
  • Shake bottle before use

WARNING – Never directly mix nutrient concentrates together. This is because when put together at the same time, they can clog together. This makes it significantly harder for plants to absorb nutrients.