Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules

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  • Significantly improves root growth by up to 700%
  • Improves resistance to disease and stress
  • Improves plants ability to absorb nutrients
  • Can be used with other Plant Magic products


What is the purpose of the Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules? 

Designed to be a root stimulator, Oldtimer Granules is perfect for stimulating root growth whilst also speeding up a plants propagation and vegetative growth. Made from a blend of Mycorrhiza, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of microorganisms, Oldtimer Granules is one of the most powerful root stimulants on the market today.

In addition to being a root stimulant, Oldtimer Granules also significantly improves a plant’s ability to uptake beneficial nutrients. Furthermore,  the Microorganisms and bio-stimulants contained in Oldtimer Granules increase a plants ability to ward off diseases and stress tolerance. This significantly speeds up propagation and vegetative growth and can improve a plant’s final crop.


Who Can Use Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules?

Oldtimer Granules can be used by most types of gardener as it’s specially made to be used in soil and coco. This could be a traditional gardener who needs to give their plant’s root growth a boost. However, it could also be a professional hydroponic gardener who wants to significantly improve their commercial crops resistance to disease.


Oldtimer Granules Dosage, Specifications & Guidance

  • Dosage: Sprinkle around 20g of Oldtimer Granules into a potting hole when using a 10ltr pot
  • When using, always wear suitable PPE
  • Shake bottle before use
  • Available in 350g and 700g sized containers.

WARNING – Never directly mix nutrient concentrates together. This is because when put together at the same time, they can clog together. This makes it significantly harder for plants to absorb nutrients.

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