Plagron Power Roots

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Plagron Power Roots

  • Creates large masses of healthy roots
  • Turbo-boosts nutrient uptake

Made from seaweed extract, Plagron Roots improves a plant’s nutrient uptake & provides them with everything they need to produce strong, healthy root growth.


What Is Plagron Roots Used For?

Plagron Roots contains numerous ingredients and is used by gardener’s worldwide to help their young plants produce healthy root systems. In addition to boosting root growth, the ingredients present in Roots improves nutrient uptake and significantly improves the plants stress tolerance. This is achieved by introducing a perfect blend of seaweed extract which provides micronutrients and amino acids which are perfect for reinforcing plant tissue. These ingredients help gardeners produce healthy and productive plants which subsequently produce better yields.


Who Can Use Plagron Roots?

As Roots can be used in any substrate, most types of a gardener can benefit from its root-growth properties. This could be home gardeners who want to strengthen their plant’s root system whilst simultaneously improve the plants overall health. In addition, it could also be a large-scale hydroponic gardener who wants to significantly improve their crop health, resulting in larger yields.


Plagron Roots Specifications & Guidance

  • Dosage: 1ml to 1 litre of water
  • Always shake the bottle before use
  • Never mix concentrates together
  • Always wear PPE

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