PA 50mm Golf Ball Diffuser Air Stone

PA Golf Ball Air Stone increases oxygen and airflow in hydroponic systems to boost plants’ nutrient uptake.

  • Affordable and efficient way of improving oxygen levels
  • Can be used alongside airline and pump to create a tank aeration kit
  • Specifically for use in hydroponic, reservoir and bubbler systems in a tank of up to a volume of 30 litres
  • Ideal for use within an IWS System
  • Recommended to use in Deep Water Culture systems to provide the best root growth environment
  • Can be suspended or allowed to sit at the bottom of the water tank
  • Features a 6mm intake fitting
  • Boosts nutrient uptake through increasing nutrient aeration
  • Enhances cell growth
  • Prevents nutrient solution from stagnating, preventing problems and deficiencies

Please Note: Ensure you have an airflow rate of up to 5 litres per minute running through each stone. Switching to a ceramic disc may be a recommendation if there is a greater airflow rate.

One piece of airline is needed for each stone. Running multiple air stones from one pump will need a manifold.

Box Quantity: 160

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