PA 12″ Air Curtain

PA Air Curtain is a 12” flexible rubber air curtain that can be attached to an air pump in aquariums and hydroponic systems as a quick and simple way to increase water circulation and oxygenation.

  • Fits into almost any hydroponic reservoir system
  • Available in 4 other sizes
  • Decreases the risk of breakages
  • Mixes and oxygenates nutrient solutions
  • Improves root health
  • Creates larger and healthier plants

How to Use

To use, start by connecting the PA Air Curtain to your pump, optionally using a rubber line to secure. It is important to ensure the air pump is at a higher level than the water within your hydroponic reservoir system. Then lower the air curtain to the bottom of the reservoir and switch on the air pump.

It is recommended to clean these every now and again to maintain optimum airflow. Air Curtains may need replacing, as they can clog and degrade overtime.

Additional information

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