LumenLite Yoyo Light Rollers (Pack Of 2)

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LumenLite Yoyo Roller (Pack Of 2)

Grow Bitz Yoyo Roller will support grow tent lights and reflectors, allowing quick adjustments to their height. They are easy rolling hook fixtures, providing the best support to attach lights easily and securely, ensuring that they sit level. They are a must-have accessory for indoor plant growers.

  • Requires 2 easy rollers in order to achieve a level position
  • Allows you to adjust the height of your lights and reflectors within seconds
  • A necessity for those of your growing plants indoors using a grow tent

How to Use

Hook the rollers on a strong fixture and fasten the suspension cords to the hanging brackets on the reflector. From here, it is easy to adjust the height of the lights and reflectors, then secure them in place with the butterfly clamp.


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