IWS Pro Tee Fitting 25MM

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IWS Pro Tee Fitting 25MM

Split your irrigation flow into two directions with our 25mm, triple barbed, IWS PRO Tee.

You won’t get any leaks –these Tee pieces are triple barbed, giving you about as secure a connection as you can get!

It’s the one used in IWS PRO Flood and Drain Systems.

You can use it to securely connect 25mm pipeline to any hard surface. It’s ideal for connecting your pipe to any size RhizoStand.

To use it, you’ll also need 2 x IWS PRO Washer and 1 x IWS PRO Nut.

  • 25mm Tee Piece.
  • No leaks! It’s triple barbed.
  • Incredibly secure connection.
  • Connects 25mm pipeline to a hard surface.
  • Supplied with IWS Pro Flood & Drain Systems.
  • Ideal for connecting RhizoStands to 25mm pipes.

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